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Obama Decision About More Troops for Afghanistan

November 11, 2009

I am absolutely sure that Obama will allow more troops for Afghanistan. Today is 11/11/09 and Obama had another round of meetings with his close aides for making a decision in this regard. So I am assuring you before so called political think tanks and journalistic exert tells you anything. I know the internal decision. Obama is going to commit more troops. How many – perhaps more or exactly the same number the General has asked forĀ  in two to three phases and not all together. I am also sure that soon we will see the replacement of the current General who has asked for more troops. The general position is not very good. OK…. The strategy would be to concentrate more on Drone Attacks and targeting Taliban in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

Obama Strategy will include concentrating more on Civil/PoliticalĀ  Reforms. Asking Karzai to do more for eliminating corruption and promising for making schools and hospitals etc. He is also going to address the Pakistani Govt. and ask them to do more. To do more.. to do more….

I am writing this blog for record.