Raymond Davis – The so called Diplomat

I strongly believe that Raymond Davis will be freed within one- two weeks. The reason is very simple i.e. he is Diplomat which means License to Kill. Anyways – he should be freed and especially keeping in view where he has committed the crime i.e. Pakistan. I mean in Pakistan it does not matter if some one is killed. Everyday we see hundreds of people killed either by Suicide Bombers, or Tribal Fights, or by Security Agencies, or by US Drone, or  then other accidents, so the point is – so what if two or three more innocent people are killed by an American Diplomat.

Soon we will see that the family members of these innocent people who were killed will come forward and announce in press that they have forgiven Raymond Davis. They will say that they are doing this for Pakistan and for the sake of good relationship between the two countries i.e. US and Pakistan.  These relatives will never disclose the amount of $$$ which they are going to get from Senator Kerry. The relatives of these innocent murdered people will be convinced with few analogies from Islam as well. Don’t you think that this is the right moment to fit Islam i.e. it was Allah’s decision to take their lives. These relatives will also say that by punishing Raymond Davis, these murdered people are not coming back.

But no one is going to talk about the poor woman – the wife of one innocent murdered person who killed herself. Trust me that she killed herself or was killed deliberately  because of the pressure from her family side to forgive Raymond Davis but she was not ready to do so. Se was a wife, and how comes a wife can forgive the killers of her husband.

But the point is how much advantage the political parties are going to take from all these episodes. In my opinion the biggest advantage will be taken by religious Parties as both  Zardari’s PPP and Nawaz Sharif’s PMLN will agree to release Raymond Davis as they are in power or will be in power and can’t afford to annoy their bosses in USA, but the religious parties are not going to get anything from all this. Hence the religious parties are going to play game for getting something out of it by announcing street demonstrations against Govt. and also against America.

Oh I forgot to mention the special advantage which Mr. Hamid Gul is going to take from it. Mr. Hamid Gul always wait for such an opportunity to appear on media and give few comments about national interest.

Other media agencies are also going to benefit from this especially the Evening News Papers. E.g. you will see headlines like “Raymod Davis has been freed for 1 Million Dollars” or, “Take Rymond and give us Aafia” etc.

So My Advise to US is to contact religious parties and get their sympathies. Pay few dollars to one of the most corrupt religious person in Pakistan i.e. Molana Fazal Rehman who then will visit the victims families and convince them to forgive Raymond Davis in the name of Islam i.e Allah loves to forgive. hahhahahahahha



One Response to “Raymond Davis – The so called Diplomat”

  1. Ali Says:

    Since I am always right does not mean that I have some spies who are working for me, or then I am God. I only talk common sense based on experience.

    As this blog like many of my other Blogs proved absolutely correct, so let me move forward.

    Hilray Clinton said that US did not pay any money for the release of Davis. Off course she is absolutely right because the money was paid by Saudi Arabi. Like many other incidents, once again Saudi Arabia helped Pakistan to come out of the difficult position.

    Now you will see Raymond Davis on different Television program in US, where he will say that he was mistreated in Pakistani jail. He will also claim that he was tortured and not provided facilities that are allowed under United Nation rules etc. Raymond Davis is going to add more hatred in the hearts of American towards Pakistan.

    Raymond Davis is going to presented as hero in American media.

    No one is going to talk about the fate of that poor wife, who was not killed by Raymond Davis rather by Pakistani Intelligence Agencies. No one is going to talk about the role of Saudia Arabia. No one is going to talk about the amount of money that was paid to Pakistani Officials.

    I am sure that Fox News will try to reach Davis for Interview. Look how the death of three people (two by Davis and third by secret agencies of Pakistan) will change the fortune of may other people. The fortune of the relatives of those killed in Pakistan has already been changed by getting 2.5 million US $, but wait and see how much Davis is going to get from Media by giving interviews. Who knows Davis will write a best seller soon.

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