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US 20 Billion Dollars and Pakistan

May 27, 2011

I have a challenging question for both the economist of Pakistan, USA, Wold Bank and especially for Farid Zakaria and Elliot of (In the Arena of CNN) to tell us that where the hell these 20 billion of US $ are gone. I believe that even half of this amount  is spent on the good will and public project we will see a big change in Pakistan.

On the other hand if these 20 billion $ are spent on Military of Pakistan to help US or then on the operational cost then it was not given to Pakistan rather to few individuals. In fact it would be absolutely none sense to give this money to few individual and then the world that it was given to Pakistan. There was no accountability attached to this. So please stop this crap.



Terrorism in Pakistan – Who to blame?

May 26, 2011

Almost 40,000 people have been killed in terrorist activities across Pakistan. Who to blame for all this?  In my opinion

1. Islam – because all terrorist are Muslims.  You can’t say that they are not Muslims. They are doing this in the name of God and Jihad. This is what they have been taught. There are hundreds of religious scholars who believe in this approach and to support their acts they have “Ahadees” i.e. sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

2. Pakistan and Pakistani People – this is the same country of same people who felt honored and proud in sending their kids to Religious Schools “Madrassas” to learn the teaching of Islams. I wish they would have send their kids to Science Schools. So now Pakistani People should not complain. Everybody was willing to donate money for making Mosques in every corner of every street. They never donated money for building schools and science labs.

3. Pakistan Army – It was Zia-Ul-Haq – a man from Pakistan Army who forced this country to become a theological state. He helped Jihadis and punished people with lashes in open public places in front of hundreds and thousands of people. These people felt proud.

So who to blame? In my next blog I will give you solution.

Have Fun with Islam.