Generally CNN is portrayed as a very fair and balanced Cable News channel. I watch CNN more than any other program. From some time a friend of mine was telling me that my opinion about CNN is wrong and it is because that they hire smart people who are master in making other people fool. Well I said that no it is very hard to fool someone easily. But now my friend proved right and I became fool. So what am I doing in protest? simple I am quitting CNN. Now you may say that who cares, but let me give you a quote from one of my boss. My boss once was telling us that I don’t care if you bring me 10 new customers everyday, but I will definitely be very disturbed if an existing customer leaves.

So here is the point I am trying to make. Everyday when you watch CNN with Wolf Blitzer you will find him telling that US is giving 2 Billion dollars in charity to Pakistan every year. He will try to force his point that America is doing a lot while Pakistan is doing nothing. Here are my few questions to so called the super anchor Mr. Wolf Blitzer:

  1. US pay Pakistan $200 per container from Karachi to Kabul, while today you yourself admitted in your Situation Room that it cost million of dollars to US Govt. per month when they move their supplies through other routes i.e. not through Pakistan
  2. $ 200 per container? Are you kidding us. It cost me more when I order a simple bed, couch and mattress from Amazon to my home here in mid west. So how much Pakistan should charge when US transport tanks, semis, and other heavy stuff through Pakistan
  3. Who will pay for the maintenance of roads when these heavy containers move through them?
  4. So just take a simple calculator and find out yourself that it would have cost US how many billion dollars if Pakistan would have not allowed these containers from last 12 years
  5. How many Pakistani people and soldiers have died in this war against terror

I hope this blog will come under your preview and you will answer these questions in a fair and balanced way.



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