Upcoming Presidential Debate

So here we go for the 2nd debate on next Thursday. The debate moderator is Candy Crolie of CNN. Most recently I observed that CNN is slowly talking/suggesting anti Obama talks. One can easily smell the anti Obama tone from all the anchors including Wolf, John King, and Anderson Cooper.

Mr. President Candy is going to ask you question which will have more favorable answers from Romney. Please be careful. Be aggressive as much as you can and talk like a tiger i.e. the way you VP talked in the recently held VP debate. I am an independent and will tell you that the debate was clearly won by VP Joe Biden but CNN was quick to suggest that it was a tie. I had a friend sitting with me and he was watching such debate for the first time in his life. He was a visitor from another country and knew nothing about all this US politics. I asked him the same question and he said that who is this old Tiger, as he is so knowledgeable perfectly convincing in his replies. It was not at all a tie. Mr. Biden was adamant not to allow Ryan to suggest/talk about policies for which he or his party never stood or favored. The turning point was when Mr. Biden asked Rayan that why did you sent me two letters for the money against which you are talking right now. There were many other occasions as well where Mr. Biden Cleaned Bold Mr. Ryan e.g. on winding up the war in Afghanistan, or the your Arithmetic does not seems correct.

Candy is going to ask you following questions

  • For the first two years you had complete majority in both senate and congress but you did not do anything rather you wasted time in Health Law
  • Why you did not provide enhanced security in Libya (for this your answer should be that there was quite a big security in Pakistan when the ambassador was killed along the then President of  Pakistan. There are times when one can’t stop or see things)
  • She will be pressing you on your record as well (your answer should be let’s start the record from 2008, and we are well placed. In 2008 we sere loosing 100 and 1000’s of job every month which we are no more. Banks were collapsing, which no more, So yes the record is very good )
  • You did not get a single vote from republicans for your health bill – your answer should be they are all same and they will never favor the middle class. They came to congress with a pledge and also their leader in the senate said “Our priority is to remove Obama”.

Mr. President you should be aggressive and never let Romney tell lies or change position – I mean simply stop him and tell him that you are changing your position just few weeks before the election. Your opening statement should be

“Dear participant please note the changing position of Mr. Romney in today’s Debate. He is going to do this on all issue (give examples). To win election he is going to portray himself as moderate. You should also clearly mention the 47% thing right in the beginning. Don’t let him runaway”



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