Hillary Clinton Emails

First thing first

Congratulations Hillary by making the history and becoming the first woman president of United States of America. Don’t worry you are a human being who like anyone else made few mistakes. The results are written on wall.

No one can stop Hillary from becoming the President of this great country. No matter how much honest, fair, and trust worthy the  FBI director is – he made a mistake. He made this mistake because deep in his heart he is a Republican. That .1% of Republican attitude forced him to make this mistake. Emails, emails, emails – what the heck? is there anything else?  I can assure you that if all of us show our inboxes you will find much more mistakes. Common grow up. Yes she made money but who else did not. Are you telling me that these congressmen and senators are poor and can’t pay their home mortgage. All of them are making money this way or that way. At least Hillary presented 30 years of her tax returns.

What will happen next?

Nothing – Republican are angry because they are angry. When was the last time when the economy was doing well when Republicans were in power. Regan – What?? We did not have Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, or in other words this digital economy. Economy in Regan time can not be compared with modern digital and knowledge based economy. So please don’t beat this drum.

FBI director will resign. He will then start showing up on CNN and Fox News and try to justify what he did? He made a blunder. No doubt that he is a top class professional but he was forced by dark forces to make this mistake.

Anthony Winner will be going behind the bars. This pervert is angry that why Huma Abedien left him. He is taking a revenge. I can assure you that he has entered into a deal with FBI. He is the real culprit. History will remember him as a pervert, child molester, and sexual menace.


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