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Mr. Trump – Cabinet

November 11, 2016

This is my take on Trump Cabinet

  1. His son in law will be the White House Chief of Staff
  2. Rudy will be the Attorney General
  3. Dr. Carson my be Secretary of Education or Surgeon General
  4. Christee – kind of political Adviser
  5. Sarah Palin ambassador some where. no leading position.
  6. Newt – may become secretary of State

and Paual Ryan will not be the speaker for long time. No way he will give any leading position to Priebus as well.



Yes Trump Won !! what next??

November 9, 2016

Congratulation Mr. Trump, you are an amazing person and genius.

You proved everyone wrong – I mean everyone. Pundits after pundits, all those political geniuses who day in and day out forced us to believe that Trump will not win, but you won. This is called power of people.

You just erased the history because it was already written – First Woman President.

You were born to do it.

You won beside the following facts:

  1. Your own party leaders were against you
  2. Media was against you
  3. You yourself were against you
  4. All rich people were against you
  5. You were openly rude, bully, and disrespectful
  6. You even mocked mentally and physically challenged people
  7. You were liar, you just lied and lied and lied
  8. You denied what you said and did

But you won and over performed. You defied everything. You are a genius.

Congratulations – you deserve it.

So If I also said the same that you will not win, should be fine because I am not a political pundit. I thought American are smart. I also believed in media but one thing is sure which only my family and kids know that I always said Trump will win. You know why?

Even my 5 years old son (I have the video as a proof) said very early in the campaign that you will win. He always said that Trump reached to 100 points – I don’t know what did that mean but he always said that Trump reached to 100 points. Yesterday I asked him the same question and he said Trump reached to 100 points, which according to him is winning as he plays a lot of video games.

But here is what next??

  1. You will be one term president
  2. Your own party will disown you
  3. you will be failed to propose term limit for congress or senate
  4. You will never be able to make wall
  5. You will be fighting with everyone
  6. Americans will suffer more in your presidency
  7. You will never be able to increase the number of jobs or improve economy
  8. You will create more enemies

You were right in only one aspect

“The system is rigged, the economy is rigged and that media is rigged”

I am not at all a religious person but I believe in few things e.g. both Quran and Bible say that “We will give you a leader as you deserve and want”

Americans got what they wanted and voted for. Enjoy Trump.

The only promise you will keep is

Obama Care will be repealed – soon, Unfortunately.

These same American who made you the president will not give you 2nd term. The reality is very different. Americans made a wrong decision. They gave ultimate power to Republicans which is very dangerous.

I do not blame Hillary or Democrats for this loss. It was written on the wall. We saw the same thing even in Britain. They are now regretting. This is a fact. Americans will regret. We are living in a very different world. The economy is very different. We are living in a smart economy era.

The result of this election will define the future of this great country. I hope after 4 years people will wake up from their scary dream.

Let’s hope for the best.