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Mr. Trump – Cabinet

November 11, 2016

This is my take on Trump Cabinet

  1. His son in law will be the White House Chief of Staff
  2. Rudy will be the Attorney General
  3. Dr. Carson my be Secretary of Education or Surgeon General
  4. Christee – kind of political Adviser
  5. Sarah Palin ambassador some where. no leading position.
  6. Newt – may become secretary of State

and Paual Ryan will not be the speaker for long time. No way he will give any leading position to Priebus as well.



Yes Trump Won !! what next??

November 9, 2016

Congratulation Mr. Trump, you are an amazing person and genius.

You proved everyone wrong – I mean everyone. Pundits after pundits, all those political geniuses who day in and day out forced us to believe that Trump will not win, but you won. This is called power of people.

You just erased the history because it was already written – First Woman President.

You were born to do it.

You won beside the following facts:

  1. Your own party leaders were against you
  2. Media was against you
  3. You yourself were against you
  4. All rich people were against you
  5. You were openly rude, bully, and disrespectful
  6. You even mocked mentally and physically challenged people
  7. You were liar, you just lied and lied and lied
  8. You denied what you said and did

But you won and over performed. You defied everything. You are a genius.

Congratulations – you deserve it.

So If I also said the same that you will not win, should be fine because I am not a political pundit. I thought American are smart. I also believed in media but one thing is sure which only my family and kids know that I always said Trump will win. You know why?

Even my 5 years old son (I have the video as a proof) said very early in the campaign that you will win. He always said that Trump reached to 100 points – I don’t know what did that mean but he always said that Trump reached to 100 points. Yesterday I asked him the same question and he said Trump reached to 100 points, which according to him is winning as he plays a lot of video games.

But here is what next??

  1. You will be one term president
  2. Your own party will disown you
  3. you will be failed to propose term limit for congress or senate
  4. You will never be able to make wall
  5. You will be fighting with everyone
  6. Americans will suffer more in your presidency
  7. You will never be able to increase the number of jobs or improve economy
  8. You will create more enemies

You were right in only one aspect

“The system is rigged, the economy is rigged and that media is rigged”

I am not at all a religious person but I believe in few things e.g. both Quran and Bible say that “We will give you a leader as you deserve and want”

Americans got what they wanted and voted for. Enjoy Trump.

The only promise you will keep is

Obama Care will be repealed – soon, Unfortunately.

These same American who made you the president will not give you 2nd term. The reality is very different. Americans made a wrong decision. They gave ultimate power to Republicans which is very dangerous.

I do not blame Hillary or Democrats for this loss. It was written on the wall. We saw the same thing even in Britain. They are now regretting. This is a fact. Americans will regret. We are living in a very different world. The economy is very different. We are living in a smart economy era.

The result of this election will define the future of this great country. I hope after 4 years people will wake up from their scary dream.

Let’s hope for the best.

Hillary Clinton Emails

October 30, 2016

First thing first

Congratulations Hillary by making the history and becoming the first woman president of United States of America. Don’t worry you are a human being who like anyone else made few mistakes. The results are written on wall.

No one can stop Hillary from becoming the President of this great country. No matter how much honest, fair, and trust worthy the  FBI director is – he made a mistake. He made this mistake because deep in his heart he is a Republican. That .1% of Republican attitude forced him to make this mistake. Emails, emails, emails – what the heck? is there anything else?  I can assure you that if all of us show our inboxes you will find much more mistakes. Common grow up. Yes she made money but who else did not. Are you telling me that these congressmen and senators are poor and can’t pay their home mortgage. All of them are making money this way or that way. At least Hillary presented 30 years of her tax returns.

What will happen next?

Nothing – Republican are angry because they are angry. When was the last time when the economy was doing well when Republicans were in power. Regan – What?? We did not have Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, or in other words this digital economy. Economy in Regan time can not be compared with modern digital and knowledge based economy. So please don’t beat this drum.

FBI director will resign. He will then start showing up on CNN and Fox News and try to justify what he did? He made a blunder. No doubt that he is a top class professional but he was forced by dark forces to make this mistake.

Anthony Winner will be going behind the bars. This pervert is angry that why Huma Abedien left him. He is taking a revenge. I can assure you that he has entered into a deal with FBI. He is the real culprit. History will remember him as a pervert, child molester, and sexual menace.

Upcoming Presidential Debate

October 14, 2012

So here we go for the 2nd debate on next Thursday. The debate moderator is Candy Crolie of CNN. Most recently I observed that CNN is slowly talking/suggesting anti Obama talks. One can easily smell the anti Obama tone from all the anchors including Wolf, John King, and Anderson Cooper.

Mr. President Candy is going to ask you question which will have more favorable answers from Romney. Please be careful. Be aggressive as much as you can and talk like a tiger i.e. the way you VP talked in the recently held VP debate. I am an independent and will tell you that the debate was clearly won by VP Joe Biden but CNN was quick to suggest that it was a tie. I had a friend sitting with me and he was watching such debate for the first time in his life. He was a visitor from another country and knew nothing about all this US politics. I asked him the same question and he said that who is this old Tiger, as he is so knowledgeable perfectly convincing in his replies. It was not at all a tie. Mr. Biden was adamant not to allow Ryan to suggest/talk about policies for which he or his party never stood or favored. The turning point was when Mr. Biden asked Rayan that why did you sent me two letters for the money against which you are talking right now. There were many other occasions as well where Mr. Biden Cleaned Bold Mr. Ryan e.g. on winding up the war in Afghanistan, or the your Arithmetic does not seems correct.

Candy is going to ask you following questions

  • For the first two years you had complete majority in both senate and congress but you did not do anything rather you wasted time in Health Law
  • Why you did not provide enhanced security in Libya (for this your answer should be that there was quite a big security in Pakistan when the ambassador was killed along the then President of  Pakistan. There are times when one can’t stop or see things)
  • She will be pressing you on your record as well (your answer should be let’s start the record from 2008, and we are well placed. In 2008 we sere loosing 100 and 1000’s of job every month which we are no more. Banks were collapsing, which no more, So yes the record is very good )
  • You did not get a single vote from republicans for your health bill – your answer should be they are all same and they will never favor the middle class. They came to congress with a pledge and also their leader in the senate said “Our priority is to remove Obama”.

Mr. President you should be aggressive and never let Romney tell lies or change position – I mean simply stop him and tell him that you are changing your position just few weeks before the election. Your opening statement should be

“Dear participant please note the changing position of Mr. Romney in today’s Debate. He is going to do this on all issue (give examples). To win election he is going to portray himself as moderate. You should also clearly mention the 47% thing right in the beginning. Don’t let him runaway”



July 2, 2012

Generally CNN is portrayed as a very fair and balanced Cable News channel. I watch CNN more than any other program. From some time a friend of mine was telling me that my opinion about CNN is wrong and it is because that they hire smart people who are master in making other people fool. Well I said that no it is very hard to fool someone easily. But now my friend proved right and I became fool. So what am I doing in protest? simple I am quitting CNN. Now you may say that who cares, but let me give you a quote from one of my boss. My boss once was telling us that I don’t care if you bring me 10 new customers everyday, but I will definitely be very disturbed if an existing customer leaves.

So here is the point I am trying to make. Everyday when you watch CNN with Wolf Blitzer you will find him telling that US is giving 2 Billion dollars in charity to Pakistan every year. He will try to force his point that America is doing a lot while Pakistan is doing nothing. Here are my few questions to so called the super anchor Mr. Wolf Blitzer:

  1. US pay Pakistan $200 per container from Karachi to Kabul, while today you yourself admitted in your Situation Room that it cost million of dollars to US Govt. per month when they move their supplies through other routes i.e. not through Pakistan
  2. $ 200 per container? Are you kidding us. It cost me more when I order a simple bed, couch and mattress from Amazon to my home here in mid west. So how much Pakistan should charge when US transport tanks, semis, and other heavy stuff through Pakistan
  3. Who will pay for the maintenance of roads when these heavy containers move through them?
  4. So just take a simple calculator and find out yourself that it would have cost US how many billion dollars if Pakistan would have not allowed these containers from last 12 years
  5. How many Pakistani people and soldiers have died in this war against terror

I hope this blog will come under your preview and you will answer these questions in a fair and balanced way.


US Attacking Pakistan

July 2, 2012

There is this speculations that US is planning to attack Pakistan initially in the tribal areas and then slowly helping tribal elders to raise their voice for independence. I wish they really go for it. I wish they attack selectively and with precision. They should attack Pakistan to help Pakistani people to get rid of the corrupt regimes who are ruling from the day of independence. If it is true then please attack the following areas with 100% precision

Madras-e-Haqqani, ISI Head Quarter, Military HQ (including provincial), All those Islamic teaching centers where kids are brain washed by forceful means. We want a country for the people of Pakistan and not for the Military, Feudal Lords, and Clerics.

Trust me most of Pakistani hate above mentioned institutions. They love Pakistan and Islam, but a Pakistan without above mentioned institutions, and a Pakistan without current lot of religious scholars.

Well if you can’t attack Pakistan then you need to educate them through Social Media, Cable TV, and few other techniques (confidential) to raise their voice for basic human rights.

US 20 Billion Dollars and Pakistan

May 27, 2011

I have a challenging question for both the economist of Pakistan, USA, Wold Bank and especially for Farid Zakaria and Elliot of (In the Arena of CNN) to tell us that where the hell these 20 billion of US $ are gone. I believe that even half of this amount  is spent on the good will and public project we will see a big change in Pakistan.

On the other hand if these 20 billion $ are spent on Military of Pakistan to help US or then on the operational cost then it was not given to Pakistan rather to few individuals. In fact it would be absolutely none sense to give this money to few individual and then the world that it was given to Pakistan. There was no accountability attached to this. So please stop this crap.


Terrorism in Pakistan – Who to blame?

May 26, 2011

Almost 40,000 people have been killed in terrorist activities across Pakistan. Who to blame for all this?  In my opinion

1. Islam – because all terrorist are Muslims.  You can’t say that they are not Muslims. They are doing this in the name of God and Jihad. This is what they have been taught. There are hundreds of religious scholars who believe in this approach and to support their acts they have “Ahadees” i.e. sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

2. Pakistan and Pakistani People – this is the same country of same people who felt honored and proud in sending their kids to Religious Schools “Madrassas” to learn the teaching of Islams. I wish they would have send their kids to Science Schools. So now Pakistani People should not complain. Everybody was willing to donate money for making Mosques in every corner of every street. They never donated money for building schools and science labs.

3. Pakistan Army – It was Zia-Ul-Haq – a man from Pakistan Army who forced this country to become a theological state. He helped Jihadis and punished people with lashes in open public places in front of hundreds and thousands of people. These people felt proud.

So who to blame? In my next blog I will give you solution.

Have Fun with Islam.

Raymond Davis – The so called Diplomat

February 16, 2011

I strongly believe that Raymond Davis will be freed within one- two weeks. The reason is very simple i.e. he is Diplomat which means License to Kill. Anyways – he should be freed and especially keeping in view where he has committed the crime i.e. Pakistan. I mean in Pakistan it does not matter if some one is killed. Everyday we see hundreds of people killed either by Suicide Bombers, or Tribal Fights, or by Security Agencies, or by US Drone, or  then other accidents, so the point is – so what if two or three more innocent people are killed by an American Diplomat.

Soon we will see that the family members of these innocent people who were killed will come forward and announce in press that they have forgiven Raymond Davis. They will say that they are doing this for Pakistan and for the sake of good relationship between the two countries i.e. US and Pakistan.  These relatives will never disclose the amount of $$$ which they are going to get from Senator Kerry. The relatives of these innocent murdered people will be convinced with few analogies from Islam as well. Don’t you think that this is the right moment to fit Islam i.e. it was Allah’s decision to take their lives. These relatives will also say that by punishing Raymond Davis, these murdered people are not coming back.

But no one is going to talk about the poor woman – the wife of one innocent murdered person who killed herself. Trust me that she killed herself or was killed deliberately  because of the pressure from her family side to forgive Raymond Davis but she was not ready to do so. Se was a wife, and how comes a wife can forgive the killers of her husband.

But the point is how much advantage the political parties are going to take from all these episodes. In my opinion the biggest advantage will be taken by religious Parties as both  Zardari’s PPP and Nawaz Sharif’s PMLN will agree to release Raymond Davis as they are in power or will be in power and can’t afford to annoy their bosses in USA, but the religious parties are not going to get anything from all this. Hence the religious parties are going to play game for getting something out of it by announcing street demonstrations against Govt. and also against America.

Oh I forgot to mention the special advantage which Mr. Hamid Gul is going to take from it. Mr. Hamid Gul always wait for such an opportunity to appear on media and give few comments about national interest.

Other media agencies are also going to benefit from this especially the Evening News Papers. E.g. you will see headlines like “Raymod Davis has been freed for 1 Million Dollars” or, “Take Rymond and give us Aafia” etc.

So My Advise to US is to contact religious parties and get their sympathies. Pay few dollars to one of the most corrupt religious person in Pakistan i.e. Molana Fazal Rehman who then will visit the victims families and convince them to forgive Raymond Davis in the name of Islam i.e Allah loves to forgive. hahhahahahahha


Obama Decision About More Troops for Afghanistan

November 11, 2009

I am absolutely sure that Obama will allow more troops for Afghanistan. Today is 11/11/09 and Obama had another round of meetings with his close aides for making a decision in this regard. So I am assuring you before so called political think tanks and journalistic exert tells you anything. I know the internal decision. Obama is going to commit more troops. How many – perhaps more or exactly the same number the General has asked for  in two to three phases and not all together. I am also sure that soon we will see the replacement of the current General who has asked for more troops. The general position is not very good. OK…. The strategy would be to concentrate more on Drone Attacks and targeting Taliban in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

Obama Strategy will include concentrating more on Civil/Political  Reforms. Asking Karzai to do more for eliminating corruption and promising for making schools and hospitals etc. He is also going to address the Pakistani Govt. and ask them to do more. To do more.. to do more….

I am writing this blog for record.