How to stop Terrorism? It is so simple

Terrorism, Islamic Extremism, Radicalization, threat, killing, what else? So sad to see that we human are so ruthless, merciless and cruel. We human should be ashamed of ourselves.  That said let’s look around and the most discussed topic on all kind of media is Terrorism. Mostly discussions are around how to address this challenge which is faced by humanity.

Honestly mostly Muslims are blamed for this. Every anchor and speaker is of the opinion that Muslims needs to change and that they are talking about sharia, they are extremist, they are jihadist and that their religion is teaching them to go on rampage and kill. Really – do you think that Islam was introduced in 18th Century. Even 10-15 years back there was nothing like this and world was very peaceful place. These experts are not telling us the truth i.e. from last 30 years we are killing people, destroying countries, testing new deadly weapons and beside all this spending trillions of dollar and still are unable to achieve the unknown goal.

I have a question to ask “can you clap with one hand? no way you need both hands for clapping. Right.”  Then why do we expect that Muslims should change their thinking. Muslims are directly or indirectly linked to this terrorism. As per my Islamic belief  if you kill or harm anyone then you are simply not a Muslim “No matter who says and justify it”.

In my very personal and humble opinion following approach is completely wrong

Provide arms to another group to fight terrorist in Syria is a total fail strategy. Those who are advocating for this are absolutely wrong. They said the same thing about arming Afghan Mujahideen, funding madrassas, teaching jihad etc.  We have seen that this policy is a total failure time and again. American provided arms to Afghan and Pakistani ISI, and Pakistani Military to fight against Russians and what we got ? Mujahideen, Taliban, Al-Qaeeda, and now ISIS, etc. etc. And now we are facing the music.

So here is simple solution based on love and mutual understanding

To provide a homeland to palestinian and I bet you that 80% of the grievances across the Muslim world will be resolved without any other effort. Muslims have this strong feeling that Israel is occupying, killing, and are cruel while US, and other western allies are party to this injustice. Right or wrong is a debatable point, but right now as a human our primary objective should be to save life.

Trust me that we as human will regret what we are doing.

We should also keep in mind that one can’t fight with one Billion Muslims. Please Don’t push Muslims because I am afraid that this may lead to a real war of Religions. It will hurt us and we will regret it. If you want to make things simple don’t Disrespect “Muhammad”. Trust me it is that simple.  Finally freedom of speech – common. What will happen to a person who publishes cartoons Denying Holocaust, or saying N-World. Why are these exempted from freedom of speech? What did we do to Snowdan and Julian Asange who only released facts. We termed them as traitors right? You can’t draw a line that this is ok and that is not.



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